Augmented Reality

Augmented reality course in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

If you have ever played Pokemon Go or, used the snapchat filters or, used the Google animals projection, then you have already been introduced to Augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality which takes you into a completely simulated environment, augmented reality overlays digital information upon the real world. It is one of the most path breaking and most adapted technologies of the century. Apart from gaming and entertainment industries, a lot of other industries such as manufacturing, automotive, retail, tourism, education etc. for more important purposes. It is a technology which is bringing in a lot of changes in all the industries that we are seeing today. Very soon, only those who have knowledge about these technologies will be able to survive in any job.

Having understood the need for students to learn this technology to join the future workforce, Chennai’s Visualite Film Institute has initiated an augmented reality course for all. This course can be joined by anyone without any restrictions on age, gender, educational qualification or prior work experience. The course can be taken up as weekday classes or weekend classes. This would particularly help those who are working at offices or studying in schools and colleges on weekdays. We offer both certificate and Diploma course in Augmented reality. The course intends to cover all aspects of the augmented reality business and we also provide 100% placement opportunity to all our students.

Augmented reality has become the buzz word across the globe. All the industries across countries are employing professionals who are trained in augmented reality. However, the number of people who train students in augmented reality are still low in number. To eradicate this discrepancy, Chennai’s Visualite Film Institute has introduced augmented reality online course. This online course is open to everyone across the globe without any restrictions. Online AR course is being offered on weekends as well as weekdays in order to accommodate working professionals and students. If you think you see your future in AR and that this is one of the best opportunities for you to be a part of something revolutionary, contact us. The online classes are conducted according to Indian standard time and the fees will be collected in Indian currency.

Syllabus outline for Augmented reality course:

  • AR Business management and operations
  • AR project planning and management
  • AR project budgeting and scheduling techniques
  • Designing and development of AR content and marketing strategies
  • Outsource and hiring
  • Business launch Planning, business setup and integrations
  • AR marketing campaign
  • Consumer psychology and behaviour
  • Sales process and sales psychology