• Basic Videography
    Interested in wielding a video cam, cutting and editing? Some do it for fun,
    some to prove their mettle in social media platforms.

Basic Videography Course

Welcome to Visualite Academy

Do you want to know about video shooting by using a professional Digital-SLR camera, then take up our course on Basic Videography. Here, we will teach you both the technical and practical knowledge about videography and will help you to shoot a video with full confidence and zeal. Our experts are best trainers in the industry and they will take the class more interactive and interesting by sharing their real- time experiences.
With our world-class technological tools and equipments, we will impart our students with the necessary skills and encourage them to practice and experiment with those tools until they come up with some innovative ideas. This basic videography course gives a strong foundation on the history, basic camera design, editing, lighting technique, camera angles and so on. Thus, it ensures our students a wide exposure to all the concepts of basic videography and also enables them to create their own professional videos.

To widen your knowledge with more practical sessions and questions, you can enroll in our one-to-one coaching program. We train our students independently by assigning one of our experts with them and will help them to grasp all the technicalities involved in the basic videography. This program not only gives our students an opportunity to gain individual feedback from the tutors, but also to adjust their class timings according to their convenience.

About the course duration and timings, our Basic Videography is a 16-Day course. Classes will be held on both the weekdays and weekends and students are advised to choose any one of the batch, according to their needs.
We also provide the basic videography course on short-term, part-time, and full-time basis where any working professional can come and learn the basic skills of videography and start taking some inspiring videos. To bring out more visibility and accessibility to basic videography, we offer such tailor-made courses to different timed working people and give them a possible chance to learn.

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