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Nature and Landscape Photography Course in Chennai – Job, Scope, Skill-set, Salary, Work culture

Nature and Landscape photography is one of the most rousing, electrifying and inspiring genres of photography. Today, we are going to look at some of the imperative things of nature and landscape photography that every aspiring photographer should know. This encompasses how a person with his/her passion and dreams can enter into nature and landscape photography, followed by the opportunities, skills, salaries, and last but not the least its work culture.

One, who wants to become a successful photographer, he/she should be aware of its technical skills, creative skills, and communication skills. When it comes to nature, there are no good or bad photographs, all are good photographs. Certainly, this is the biggest advantage every photographer is being proud of.

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Job opportunities:

The job for nature and landscape photography is either work for a company (freelance) or work under a company (full-time employee). For a fresher in photography, it is advisable to seek the right mentor. They will teach you the nuances and its business purposes. Once you learn the necessary business traits, you can easily find millions of opportunities across the globe.

As far as nature is changing, we have an ever-expanding scope of nature and landscape photography. Your workspace is huge. From sunny hot Sahara desert to the coldest Antarctic sea, you can travel and explore different landforms. There are journalists, researchers, and activists who constantly work on nature preservation; they need your pictures for their further research, journals, magazines, articles, reports, etc. Thus, your passion not only serves you but also others.

Skill Set:

To capture the picturesque shot, you should need the right skill-set. Just because everyone holds a DSLR camera, it is not that they can become a successful photographer instantly, unless they are aware of all the technical know-how’s. For nature and landscape photography, there are specific skills need to be known by every budding photographers.

Research skills – These photographers are highly knowledgeable than others. They constantly do research on weather forecasting, climate change, and other geographies. A photographer should know where he/she is going to stay, work and explore.

Outdoor survival skills – Nature is impartial. It gives equal treatment to everyone. So, it is the photographer’s responsibility to take care of everything. They should know at least the basic survival skills in order to sustain life in any type of natural environment.

Own photography skills – Every photographer is unique. Once you start your career, you should create your own style of photographs. It is very crucial when it comes to business. Imagine a group of professional photographers taking pictures of one place. Who will get the recognition? the photographer who thinks out of the box. This can be achieved by working on your style and experimenting thousand times.   


Honestly, salary is quite a constraint for newbie photographers. Freshers will earn barely 10K – 15K per month. But as one gains experience and knowledge, he/she would reach a maximum range of 1 lakh – 5 lakh per month. Photographers who work for an international organization like Greenpeace, National Geographic Channel, etc can earn like anything. They will work on a project and get paid.

There is an average salary amount for photographers in India. Please find in the below link:

Work culture:

“One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind” – Dorothea Lange

This specialization of photography is loaded with tons of creativity by itself. You don’t need to add much creativity. Photographers live their every moment with nature. They take risks, think differently, plan their shoots, and never give up. As they need to take different locations, they keep travelling, they learn new languages, get exposed to various cultures and religions, and finally make bonding with those inhabitants.

We, as Visualite Academy, give our young aspirants the confidence to take the world’s beautiful creations. With our cutting-edge gears and tools, we take you to different places, teach you the basic survival skills and make you take some awe-inspiring pictures.

If you think, you can follow your passion at the same time earn money, come and join in our Nature and Landscape Photography course. It’s available on both weekdays and weekends. Students are asked to choose either weekday or weekend batch.

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