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What is Cinematography?

Have you ever mesmerized watching a movie scene or a shot? If it’s true, then you just loved the work of cinematography of that movie.  Yes, in a film, other than acting, costumes, background setting, dialogues, audio, etc the complete motion-picture is done by a cinematographer. He visually tells the story of a film and gives you the real feeling.


The cinematography is also known as Direction of Photography. It is the art and science of motion-picture photography. It creates a film stock by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either by an image sensor (electronically) or by a light-sensitive material (chemically).

When you move the camera, or you do a shot like the crane down (in Shawshank) with them standing on the edge of the roof, then it’s got to mean something. You’ve got to know why you’re doing it; it’s got to be for a reason within the story, and to further the story” – Roger Deakins

(Oscar won for Best Cinematography of the year 2018 for the movie ‘Blade Runner 2049’)

How Cinematography is different from Photography?

To put it in simple words, a person who knows the art and science of motion picture photography, he/she is called as a cinematographer. In every film, the cinematographer has to make sure of the camera and lighting. They will learn the shot sizes, angles, movements and the techniques of principal photography. They have the biggest crew in a movie and they will consult everything with the Director and the Production Designer. Once the Director gives approval, the cinematographer will start adjusting the props, camera angles, lighting settings, etc and make a beautiful masterpiece.

Likewise, a person who is having a perfect blend of artistic view and technical skills takes photographs with the camera; he/she is called as a photographer. They tell their stories through their photos. People learn photography for hobby or career. Photographers have a wider scope than cinematographers. They can change the genre based on their desire and produce breathtaking photos. They work as a freelancer or a full-time employee of an organization.

Photography is one gigantic tree and cinematography is one of its branches.

How Cinematography started and evolved?

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Here, you will be taken to 200 years old history in less than 2 minutes. You will see how a small camera started its journey and evolved into a digital cinematography in today’s world.

1830s – 1880s

The first successful camera was invented which could make continuous recordings of the varying motions. Later it was designed to capture a sequence of photographs to a zoopraxiscope for short, primitive projected “movies”.

1880s – 1950s

After many experiments and innovations, an apparatus called Cinématography that literally projected a film. Later theatres were open to paying audience. This is the period where monochrome was dominating the industry. Even though the colour pictures were invented, people relied on black and white, due to its cost-effectiveness.

1950s – 2010s

To our surprise, in the early stages of filmmaking, a motion-picture will be shot first in monochrome, then it will be coloured by either hand-coloring or machine-coloring. Once, the filmmakers got enough budgets, they started to spend money on producing colored films.

2010s – Till Now (Digital Cinematography Era)

A major shift in camera and cinematography, a movie is shot on digital medium using a flash storage, and transferred through a digital medium. In the recent past, Arri Alexa has become the best digital movie camera.

List of Award winning films for best cinematography:

We would have come across thousands of movies, influence our perceptions and thoughts. Every cinematographer is unique in their way and brings out their best aesthetic work. As they start reading the scenes, they start visualizing the scenes. From the pre-production to full film shoot, they work meticulously to deliver the true emotions to the audience and make them elated.

The below list of movies are given in alphabetical order.

Hollywood Movies

Academy Award (also known as the Oscars) for Best Cinematography

  1. Around the World in 80 Days
  2. Avatar
  3. Ben-Hur
  4. Gandhi
  5. Gravity
  6. Inception
  7. Life of Pi
  8. The Lords of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  9. Somebody Up There Likes Me
  10. Titanic

Indian Movies

National Film Award for Best Cinematography

  1. Adaminte Makan Abu (Malayalam)
  2. Antaheen (Bengali)
  3. Bajirao Mastani (Hindi)
  4. Chotushkone (Bengali)
  5. Dweepa (Kannada)
  6. Kutty Srank (Malayalam)
  7. Liar’s Dice (Hindi)
  8. Mooru Darigalu (Kannada)
  9. Sringaram (Tamil)
  10. 24 (Tamil)

If you have a passion for creative work and storytelling, you ought to choose a career in Cinematography. It takes you to a different world of dreams, makes you feel rejoice in everything you see. Thus, it makes you do wonders in a film by putting your creativity and imagination.

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