Best 5 Diploma courses after 12th standard

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I should agree with you, completing 12th standard is like swimming half of the ocean.

Now thinking what’s next?

Perfect because this place is going to show you the best 5 diploma courses after 12th standard that gives you fascinating, exciting and challenging experience at the same time employability, professional and entrepreneurial skills.

Majority of students, choose either arts and science or engineering in any college/university, but if you want to be unique, you should follow a different course that promises a successful career in future.

Let’s get started!

  1. Photography

Diploma course in Professional Photography has taken a huge leap in the recent past. Students started to take photography as a hobby or as a career and start exploring the world of creativity. Photography produces a lot of opportunities to passionate minds. At the initial stage, students learn the basics and attain a strong foundation in the camera, lenses, flash, lighting, and shutter speed. Later, they choose their own genre and take photographs in their own style.

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There is no specific job timing or salary with respect to photography. They can choose any genre they want, be it the wedding, wildlife, product, fashion, etc. Surprisingly, many professionals like doctors, CAs, and IT are fond of photography and changing their career to photography after a certain period.

Students who search for photography courses in chennai, delhi, and mumbai can get best coaching and training in photography and learn the technical know-how. They undergo diverse practical classes and field trips to understand concepts thoroughly. After completing the course, students join as interns in a company or work as an assistant to an experienced photographer.

This below statistic reveals that photographers’ revenue in India is steadily rising in the last decade (2008 – 2018). Thus, Photography is expected to open new avenues in other fields like Media, Journalism, Fashion, and Entertainment industry.

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  1. Cinematography

The second most sought-after career is cinematography, next to photography. Students who choose diploma courses in cinematography can seek an opportunity in the Filmmaking or Entertainment Industry. Here, students learn the art of motion-picture, how to tell a story in a visual medium, followed by latest technology updates.

Look. To become a successful cinematographer, one should possess an artistic vision, knowledge of digital tools, and finally an urge to the imagination. Unlike other professions, cinematography involves lots of hard work and patience. Since filmmaking is a highly-competitive job market, cinematographers dedicate their time exclusively in a movie to bring out the best aesthetic work.

Students studying cinematography courses in chennai, pune, delhi and mumbai seems to be highly-skilled professionals in India. The Film schools and Media institutes located in metropolitan cities; provide students best quality education and training, and adequate knowledge in contemporary technology. They bring real-time cinematographers to their academy and conduct a deep interactive session about Indian cinema, Hollywood, etc.

To know some interesting facts about our cinematographers, please read Top 10 cinematographers in India and get to know their academic background, how they entered into Film Industry, and what are their achievements.

  1. Digital Film Making

The most lucrative career in the Film industry, where every artist, technician, musician wants to become a filmmaker in their future. Today, many national and international institutions started providing 1 Year/2 Years/3 Years diploma course or professional course in Digital Filmmaking. To discover the wide opportunities and explore them with full zeal, aspiring students are searching for best film making courses in chennai, mumbai, Kolkata and delhi. To render best quality coaching for students, many heads up coming into the society and ensuring high-standard curriculum and training to students.

Diploma course in Digital Filmmaking teaches you fundamentals of filmmaking, production management, script writing, photography, the significance of business communication and distributions and much more. Some academies conduct outdoor shooting for students; encourage them to come up with new concepts and themes. Students will get introduced to different situations at different locations, thus make sure a rigorous hands-on experience.

When it comes to salary, an individual who is unique in the art of storytelling and put all efforts together and deliver a beautiful masterpiece is likely to earn more salary. With true passion and determination, a filmmaker could overcome all odds and make great times to his/her audience.

  1. Visual Communication

Visual Communication is a platform to understand the concept of the visual medium and its impact on the society. School passed-out students often choose Bachelor’s degree in visual communication in a reputed college. With the same set of academics and insight, visual communication course in chennai, mumbai, delhi and Kolkata offers diploma programs and brings better demonstration and film reference to students. It gives you access to exceptional facilities and labs that are one-of-a-kind.

Parents and students started recognizing its eminence in media and entertainment industry, thus, opting for diploma courses in visual communication which saves their time, money and effort.

Career-wise, visual communication gives ample amount of opportunities to students, right from photography, editing, and filmmaking to journalism, mass media, and fashion industry, they can decide any profession they want to pursue. Throughout India, academies offer diploma course in visual communication in varied durations like 6 months/1 year. Students can choose 1-year diploma program in visual communication, which provides all necessary knowledge and technical must-have skills to become a professional.

After completing a diploma course, some students might want to get specialized in a specific field, and they continue pursuing Master’s degree in Visual Communication. Top universities in India provides master’s program and ensures training are at par with international standards.

  1. Acting

The most attractive career on the planet; where everyone dreamt of becoming an actor at least once in their lifetime. As acting profession is ever-expanding and introduces new faces every year, students who have the right skill-set and knowledge can shine in this industry. Again, many schools/institutions/academies offering acting courses in chennai, mumbai, hyderabad, and delhi. This diploma course in Acting provides training in various forms of acting, stage, drama, short-film and so on.

After pursuing this diploma program, one can go for film acting, modeling, television acting, theatre acting, and commercial advertisement acting. As digital media is catching up like a forest fire, Youtube and Instagram videos are dominating the digital market and bring young talents to the light.

Acting as a career is no doubt for huge fan followings and tons of money come to your bank account. In India, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, and Mollywood are widely known and easily recognized by the world. They constantly look for new actors who could be flexible, energetic and adaptable to change. If you’re one among them, you are sure to give a shot.

What’s the real story?

Choosing acting profession requires lots of patience and self-confidence. You shouldn’t be afraid of 1000 people staring at you while you are performing and you should know how to sustain in the industry for more than a decade or so. Anyways, it gives you lots of network and popularity, which one should not take it for granted and stop developing.

Thus, if you want to pursue acting as your career, get ready to take your audience to the world of dreams.

Here’s the deal!!!

Students after their 12th standard have millions of offers here and there, choosing a job that exactly matches your passion is very important. You cannot spend rest of your life, dreaming about something and working for something. It’s time to lead you to the right path and start working towards your goal.

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