Best Cinematography Course in Chennai for Students and Working Professionals

Best Cinematography Course in Chennai for Students and Working Professionals

In this movie-addicted country, cinema has evolved from a profession to passion. This passion pours oil to every burning aspirant in India. To make their dreams turn into a reality, Visualite Academy offers a path to unearth their creativity and produce their thoughts into a visual story.

If you’re fond of storytelling, photography, or direction, then you should spend ten minutes of your time to read this article. It tells you about how one can learn cinematography and acquires the necessary professional and technical skills at his/her own pace, and what are all the courses available in short-term/long-term/part-time/full-time/weekday/weekend to learn Cinematography, followed by course duration and other course details.

It’s nice to see students flocking from different streams like arts & science, engineering, medicine and commerce to join cinematography course, which shows that people having passion in unison, were spread across different fields.

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What is Cinematography? Who is a Cinematographer?

Cinematography or Direction of Photography is considered to be the science or art of motion-picture photography which can be performed in two ways, either by recording light, by an image sensor (electronically) or by other electromagnetic radiation, light-sensitive material such as film-stock (chemically).

A cinematographer or director of photography of a film, television production or some live action piece is holding responsibility for making image related artistic and technical decisions. He/she is the head of the camera and light crews of a movie. The cinematographer selects the camera, lenses, filters, film stock, etc to synchronize the scene according to the director’s expectations.

“The cinematography is as much involved with the physicality of the scene, so a lot of our shots are hand-held. I felt the cinematographer needed to be fourth-character with the same drive as the actors” – J. Robert Spencer

Course Description:

The main purpose of this course is to introduce students to the fundamentals of motion-picture cinematography. It covers both the technical knowledge and artistic application. We strongly emphasize on topics related to the specific camera, lighting equipment, lighting diffusion, and color gels, etc, that are used in the real-time filmmaking.

Our syllabus comprises of not only the camera operation, composition and framing, lens choice, camera movement, setting proper exposure, but also the lighting, collaboration, blocking, continuity and the other aspects of visual storytelling.

Our pedagogical style gives experience to students on practical challenges and it’s solving techniques, through many hands-on sessions. We invite industry experts for guest lectures, and conduct workshops in and around Chennai to do location research, planning, and reproducing.

Short-term/Long-term Courses

Short-term courses are meant for a shorter time period. For NRI and other state students, short-term courses would be the best option. Short-term classes are certainly 2-4 hours a day, including all extra-curricular activities. The course duration would be 1-2 months in which students will learn the technical skills through many practical sessions than theory classes.

Whereas long-term courses are totally filled with lectures, workshops, field visits, and group activities. For school and college passed out students who are passionate about cinema and cinematography can go for long-term courses. The classes will go from 5 to 8 hours a day, and the course duration would be from 6 months to 2 years.

Part-time/Full-time Courses

Part-time courses are most familiar for working professionals in IT, government services like doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. In a part-time course, the timings will be 2 hours per day, which gives you crisp and concise syllabus followed by limited hands-on sessions and workshops. The practical sessions can be extended (by request).

Contradictorily, full-time courses are designed for long-hours varying from 6 to 8 hours a day. For night-shift workforce who wants to change their career to cinema and filmmaking industry, can choose a full-time course and get the whole experience in cinematography. To quote a real-time incident, former Cinematographer, Mr. K.V. Anand, was earlier a journalist. Later, his passion made me change his career to cinematography.

Weekday/Weekend Courses

Weekday classes are energetic and enthusiastic. You can stick to your regular routines. Generally, weekday classes won’t be skipped; it follows a strict timetable and a structured syllabus. The class timings range from 2 to 8 hours a day. Sometimes, it may extend to 9 to 12 hours when students get involved in any drama activity.

Weekend classes will be held on a regular basis. They too follow the same principles, except the timings. Here students will be present from 5 to 6 hours a day (on both Saturday and Sunday). Many IT and BPO professionals select the weekend batch courses. It never disturbs their workaholic mode at the same time neither their daily routines.

Advantages for Students and Working Professionals

It’s all about time and money. While you spending time with books, work, and family, you can still add one extra skill by spending few hours of your time in a course. You should realize that we don’t get time, but we make time.  A professional course like Cinematography is something that can change your work style, status, and life. By showing a strong dedication and commitment to your passion, you can achieve amid all odds.

Of course, money is very vital when it comes to taking a course. To study cinematography, the course fees vary from Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/- which covers all essential subjects. Since many institutions have become student-friendly, they accept the payment in two installments.

About Us

Visualite Academy is one of the top training academies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. With best-in-class amenities, we offer a unique set of curriculum, which gives you a concrete foundation on  Cinematography overview, composition and rule of thirds, lighting for motion picture, Grey card (high lights and shadows), exposure meter and necessary technology. We conduct practical sessions on Cinema camera advance settings, drones for geographical shots, film lighting for a different location, camera operations and so on.   

Finally, watching movies and analyzing the cinematographer’s work. We ask our students to do a cinematography showreel as their final project and explain their work.

We have two branches in Chennai. They are at Anna Nagar and Adyar. We take classes on a regular basis on either weekdays or weekends, and we advise our students to pick any one of the batches in short-term/long-term/part-time/full-time basis, according to their convenience.

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