Learn Portfolio Photography – Best Photography courses in Chennai

Learn Portfolio photography – Best Photography Courses in Chennai

What is the meaning of portfolio photography?

Portfolio is a collection of photographs that are either theme based or, unrelated photographs that are being taken to establish the physique of the model. Portfolio photography is different from modelling portfolio. While modelling photography intends to portray the subject in the most beautiful manner possible, not necessarily accurate, portfolio photography’s aim is to portray the subject in a manner as realistic as possible. The photos have to depict the height, weight and features of the subject as accurately as possible. These photos are used by the models to show at auditions and to build a portfolio for themselves.

How do you make a good photography portfolio?

A good photography portfolio is very important for anyone who intends to take up photography as their full time profession because; it is your portfolio that attracts your clients.

So, here we are teaching professional photography courses which helps you to become best in portfolio photography.

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Do’s for a good photography portfolio:

  • For beginner’s, it is better to dabble in multiple genres rather than focusing on one specialisation.
  • Build a website to showcase your photographs
  • Try and have a theme or pattern associated to your photos
  • Keeps the post processing work minimal. Heavily edited photographs do not display your photography skills instead; attention of the viewer goes on the edit work.
  • Keep the photographs as neat as possible. Do not clutter the frame.

How many pictures should be included in a portfolio?

Ideally, 10 photos is a good count for a portfolio. Make sure that there is a variety seen in those ten photos and there should not be any repetition. This would make the viewer get a clear idea of the looks of the model in different costumes and in different angles. This helps the viewer get a realistic idea of how the subject would look in person.

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