Maternity photography in Chennai

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Maternity photography in Chennai – Studio V

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As the name suggests, pregnancy photo shoot is the photo shoot taken during pregnancy. This photo shoot intends to depict the beauty of the female form during the time of pregnancy, also for the couple to share the joy of the news of the baby to be born soon.

Why do a maternity shoot?

Maternity is one of the most beautiful yet difficult time for a woman and a maternity shoot will bring out the joys and the difficulties involved in the process of becoming a mother. This helps the mother feel good about herself and serves as a good bonding time for the family with the baby to be born soon.  

When should a maternity shoot be done?

Ideally, a maternity photography session can be done during the eight month of pregnancy when, the belly is well rounded and neither too big nor too small. This helps the subject be comfortable while posing. Anytime after that, the belly becomes too heavy and the mother becomes uncomfortable because of that.

Types of maternity photography:

There are varieties even in pregnancy photography.

  • Pregnancy announcements: This photo shoot intends to announce to the world that the lady is pregnant. Hence, this involves usage of a props to convey the message or, holding of signs in the photograph.
  • Couple photographs:  This has the father and the mother posing, showing sweet gestures .
  • Individual shots: These photos intend only to show the beauty of the mother and the pregnant tummy. The mother alone is to be seen in frame.
  • Family photographs: In these photos, the elder sibling is also seen expecting the arrival of the baby. Rarely, other family members may also be a part of the photograph.

Maternity photo services at Studio V:

Studio V offers a comfortable and gentle photography services to the mothers to be. While maternity photo shoots can be tiring for the expecting mother, we make it a smooth and memorable experience for you with our best team of photographers and elegant shooting process. Our team of photographers not only stick to photography but also help out the subjects with posing and giving creative ideas if necessary.

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