Top 10 Diploma courses after 10th standard

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In India, most of the states have released the 10th standard board exam results. Both parents and students are wondering what diploma courses after 10th standard guarantees a high-income at the same time career growth.

Students after completing 10th standard, normally join a high school or diploma courses in any engineering stream. This traditional practice is changing gradually over the period of time as new diploma courses are shooting up in the society and create a serious impact.

Are you a 10th passed out student, want to pursue a unique course and achieve a successful career in future, you are in the right place.

Today, we will introduce you to the top 10 diploma courses for 10th standard students which give them a wonderful hands-on learning experience and equip them with job-ready skills.

  1. Diploma in Professional Photography

The photography courses in chennai, mumbai, kolkata and delhi are providing diploma courses in professional photography at different courses durations ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Here, some academies include internship program and placement offers.

For photography enthusiasts and passionate minds, this diploma course assures you 100+ practical sessions and effective workshops at different locations. Thus, gives students a practical learning experience.

After getting a solid foundation in photography, students are filled with a variety of genres. Starting from the wedding, fashion, and product to wildlife, nature and landscape photography, students can opt for any specific field they want and start exploring them to the fullest.

  1. Diploma in Fashion Designing

Students who are fond of fashion and want to stick with the fashion industry can pick this diploma course in fashion designing. As we know, fashion designing constantly changes and evolves throughout the period, it requires creative people to render new style and designs to the industry.

This course exposes students to the textile foundation in apparel, Indian art and costume appreciation, and fashion figure drawing, complemented by field trips, projects and assignments. A professional fashion designer will study recent trends and sketch the first clothing or accessory design.

In career perspective, fashion industry welcomes energetic, enthusiastic and talented people and creates an ambience to grow and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Diploma in Visual Communication

Now the visual communication discipline has come very crisply and concise in close proximity with international standards. Students can learn photography, graphic design, drawing, etc, and gain a concrete knowledge about visual communication.

Many Media and Film Institutes/Academies are offering diploma course in visual communication in 6 months/1 year duration. Here, students undergo field trips, workshops, projects and assignments. Thus, it ensures them a complete comprehension of visual communication.

When it comes to career opportunities, students have a diverse range of job offers to go. They can choose journalism, Fashion, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, and Filmmaking industry. This is a great breakthrough in the career for students who choose diploma in visual communication.

  1. Diploma in Interior Design

Diploma in Interior Design gives you a tremendous opportunity to develop your creative thoughts at the same time earn high-income. Additionally, one who has a good communication and entrepreneurial skills are likely to achieve higher career growth in this industry.

The modern society has started to recognize the need of home decoration and its aesthetic appeal. To deliver such creative skills you need to undergo a professional training and hands-on in a well-organized environment. Since this industry is gradually evolving, it is estimated to grow exponentially in the future.

Students will learn the basic design principles, design philosophies, conceptualize an idea, followed by practice pointillism, doodling, outdoor sketching, typography and calligraphy. Thus, if you’re fond of drawing or painting, this job suits you the best.

  1. Diploma in Cinematography

Cinematography is one of the most lucrative careers in the film industry. People become great storytellers, artists and communicators. In a movie/film, they work closely with the director and production designer; with their consultation, he/she starts visualizing a scene based on the script.

Cinematographers are also known as Directors of Photography. To learn the art of motion-picture, some renowned academies offer cinematography courses in chennai, mumbai, and delhi. Students will gain a strong foundation on the camera, crew, lighting and exposure techniques, latest technology, motion picture lenses, etc.

During the course period, you will be introduced to practical sessions on cinema camera advance settings, camera operations, cranes and drones, and much more.

  1. Diploma in 3D Animation

The most popular diploma course among gamers is 3D Animation, Multimedia and Gaming. If you’re a gaming freak, all-time obsessed with various games; you are the perfect fit for this industry. (Online) Gaming Industry creates tons of job opportunities for game developers and graphic designers.

As virtual reality is taking a big leap in India and the world, students who have exposure to it can seek a greater career growth. In this diploma course, students are introduced to basic elements of drawing, hardware introduction, and the different process of 3D modeling, and so on.

In India, students after completing 10th standard can choose this profession and start discovering the diverse avenues heading up across the globe.

  1. Diploma in Direction

Are you good at planning, organizing, and executing a script or story, then you can pursue direction as your career without any second thought. In India, if you’re looking for a film direction course in chennai, delhi, or mumbai, you are sure to find many good institutions which provide top-notch training and practical sessions.

The diploma course in Direction gives you a foundation on photography, scriptwriting, editing, TV and Films, etc. Here, students learn everything about something. They will undergo outdoor visits, assignments and a project to take a short-film.

This most sought-after career in the Filmmaking and Entertainment Industry is highly competitive and requires exceptional skills like leadership, coordination, interpersonal, and other technical know-how.

  1. Diploma in Cyber Security

In this digital world, there is no doubt to keep your data safe and secure. To preserve the information confidentially, a team of cyber security experts is the need of the hour. Every MNC and big data companies are aware of hacking threats and highly cautious in preventing such hazards.

Many educational institutions offer diploma courses in cyber security that ensures a complete overview of cyber space, cyber bullying, laws and enforcement activities, etc. The course comprises of practical classes and industrial visits to international companies and learns their best-practices.

Since this field has a wide scope around the world, one who is interested in cybercrime and security can opt for diploma courses.

  1. Diploma in Scriptwriting

The most creative work of the industry is Scriptwriting. With a logical-thinking mind and an urge for imagination, most scriptwriters/screenwriters deliver their best in their every script. Earlier, the literature students would go for writing scripts, but now students from other streams also coming to write great scripts.

In this course, students will learn the basic writing techniques, various forms of writing, followed by rigorous hands-on training in all varieties of writing, be it a TV serial, film/movie, short-film, TV advertisement, etc.

Scriptwriting is an ever-expanding field which constantly evolves according to the audience’s perception. It guarantees a promising career for all levels of writers and gives them immense job satisfaction.

  1. Diploma in Hotel Management

One who is ready to travel and learn new culture can learn Diploma course in Hotel Management. In this course, students acquire entrepreneurial skills, communication skills and hotel management strategies. Plus, they are taken to the top star hotels in the country to learn their best practices, followed by productive internship programs. This assures them a successful career in hotel management field.

As people migrate from one place to another, it is obvious that they look for the best hotels and restaurants in the world; you can provide them such world-class service at your own pace. This industry brings you lots of exciting and memorable moments.

The Bottom Line

Students after 10th standard having dreams about something, to choose the right path in their career, they ought to follow their impulse and do what is best.

Please add your genuine comments below the article. It helps me to develop and improve my writing. If you want to know about any specific course and its pros and cons, you’re welcome to post it here, and we’ll let you know everything about it.

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