Journalism course in chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Journalism is a profession that requires quick wits and lots of professionalism. One needs to be able
to judge quickly as to what is newsworthy and how to cover a certain piece of news. While some of
them are news that can be reported in a casual style, some of them demand a more serious style of
reporting. Be it digital news media or print or broadcast, they all work under some similar basic
principles. Journalism is what helps the world thrive. Be it the crash of stock market in the wall street
or, Indian Government deciding to ban all Chinese companies, all such matters of international
significance / national significance is discussed only on these media platforms. This is what helps an
investor in India decide whether or not he should invest in a particular American company or
Chinese brand. Hence, Journalism plays a vital role in all our lives.

Chennai’s Visualite film institute offers Journalism course as short term and long-term course. The
short-term course is a certificate course for a period of three months and the long-term course is a
Diploma in Journalism course for a period of six months. There are no restrictions to join this course. Anyone with
a passion for Journalism can join this course either during the weekday or weekend.