Master Diploma in Photography & Cinematography – One Year

Master Diploma in Photography & Cinematography – One Year

Chennai’s Visualite offers One-Year Master Diploma in Photography and Cinematography Course, situated in vibrant Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. With 14 years of excellence, the program, affiliated with the Council for Vocational Education and Skill Development (CVESD) and licensed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, offers a comprehensive curriculum covering foundational principles to specialized techniques in Portrait, Advanced Studio Lighting, Travel, Street, Wildlife, Interior and Architecture, Wedding, fashion, product, advertising and commercial photography. The academy’s inclusive admission policy welcomes diverse backgrounds, and its global reach accommodates aspiring photographers and cinematographers worldwide. Boasting experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and strong industry connections, Visualite Academy ensures a holistic learning experience. The admission process is streamlined, emphasizing portfolio evaluation, and graduates benefit from placement assistance, positioning them confidently in the workforce. Enroll now to turn your passion into a profession and capture stories that last a lifetime! Call : 97908 36256

Master Diploma in Photography & Cinematography Course, Syllabus, Eligibility, Course Fees, Placements Details:-

Course NameCourse DurationCourse FeeAssured PlacementJob OpportunitiesEligibility
Master Diploma in Professional Photography and CinematographyOne YearRs. 2,50,000/-YesDiverse opportunities in photography and cinematography industries. Potential roles include wedding photographer, cinematographer, fashion photographer, product photographer, and more.10th or 12th Std Pass

Unit 1 – Photography Basics: Foundation, Camera, Settings, Composition, Light, Lenses, Editing, Ethics, Assignments

FoundationUnderstand historical evolution and contemporary significance of photography.
CameraExplore various types of cameras, from DSLRs to mirrorless systems.
SettingsMaster technical aspects, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance.
CompositionLearn principles like rule of thirds, leading lines, and framing.
LightDelve into the role of natural and artificial lighting in photography.
LensesLearn about different types of lenses and their applications.
EditingIntroduction to photo editing software and basic retouching techniques.
EthicsExplore ethical considerations in photography.
AssignmentsApply theoretical knowledge through practical assignments.

Unit 2 – Studio Lighting & Portraits: Equipment, Techniques, Modifiers, Flash, HSS, Posing, Application

EquipmentExplore various studio lighting setups and equipment, including continuous lights and strobes.
TechniquesUnderstand techniques for outdoor and indoor portrait photography, utilizing available and artificial lighting.
ModifiersDive into modifiers like softboxes, umbrellas, and reflectors for lighting control.
FlashExplore the use of camera-mounted flash units for on-the-go lighting solutions.
HSSDelve into high-speed sync capabilities and their applications.
PosingExplore posing techniques for portraits.
ApplicationHands-on sessions to practice and master different lighting arrangements for portraits.

Unit 3 – Street, Travel, Wildllife Photography Workflow, Ethics, Portfolio & Post-Processing

PhotoshopIntroduction to Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and enhancement.
StreetExplore the art of capturing candid moments in urban environments.
TravelTechniques for impactful travel photography.
EditingDive deeper into advanced photo editing techniques using Photoshop.
WorkflowDevelop efficient photo management workflows using Lightroom.
EthicsUnderstand ethical considerations in photography.
PortfolioGuidance on creating a professional portfolio showcasing diverse skills.

Unit 4 – Wedding Photography & Cinematography: Styles, Techniques, Shoots, Equipment, Retouching, Business

StylesExplore various wedding photography styles, including candid and traditional approaches.
TechniquesUnderstand techniques for capturing emotions, rituals, and candid moments during weddings.
ShootsPractical sessions for capturing romantic moments in outdoor settings and studio photoshoots.
EquipmentMaster the use of gimbals and drones, and gain expertise in wedding equipment.
RetouchingDelve into advanced retouching techniques for perfecting wedding images.
BusinessLearn the business side, including pricing strategies and client management.

Unit 5 – Interior & Architectural Photography: Principles, Shooting, Lighting, Composition, Post-Processing, Client Briefs

PrinciplesExplore principles and techniques of capturing interiors and architectural spaces.
ShootingConduct practical shooting sessions at hotels and various spaces.
LightingMaster the use of natural and artificial lighting for optimal results.
CompositionLearn advanced composition techniques for architectural spaces.
Post-ProcessingIntroduction to post-processing techniques specific to interior and architectural photography.
Client BriefsUnderstand client expectations and effective project management.

Unit 6 – Fashion Photography: Styles, Lighting, Styling, Posing, Post-Processing, Portfolio

StylesExplore the dynamic world of fashion photography and its significance. Understand various styles, including editorial, beauty, high-end, runway, and street fashion.
LightingMaster the art of lighting for fashion photography, covering studio and outdoor setups. Explore techniques for creating dramatic and flattering lighting to showcase fashion apparel.
StylingUnderstand the importance of fashion styling in creating impactful visual stories. Explore makeup techniques for fashion photography, emphasizing collaboration with stylists.
PosingExplore posing techniques to bring out the best in fashion models. Understand body language and expressions for conveying style and attitude.
Post-ProcessingIntroduction to post-processing techniques tailored for fashion photography. Enhance color, contrast, and details to achieve the desired fashion look.
PortfolioGuidance on creating a compelling fashion photography portfolio. Receive feedback on portfolio presentation and refinement.

Unit 7 – Product & Food Photography: Introduction, Specialized Techniques, E-commerce, Shoots, Styling, Post-Processing

IntroductionExplore the significance of product and food photography in marketing and visual communication. Understand the role of a photographer in capturing the essence and details of products and food items.
Specialized TechniquesDelve into the techniques of photographing transparent products and understanding reflections and refractions. Explore challenges and artistic approaches in capturing the texture and details of leather products.
E-commerceUnderstand the specific requirements of product photography for e-commerce platforms. Learn techniques for producing clean, well-lit images that enhance the appeal of products online.
ShootsLive demonstrations of product photography techniques, including lighting setups and composition. Hands-on practical shooting sessions allowing students to apply learned concepts to real-world scenarios.
StylingExplore the use of styling and props to enhance the visual appeal of products and food items. Understand the role of composition and arrangement in creating compelling images.
Post-ProcessingIntroduction to post-processing techniques tailored for product and food photography. Enhance color, contrast, and details to showcase the products and food items at their best.

Unit 8 – Advertising & Commercial Photography: Introduction, Concept Development, Product/Brand, Lighting, Post-Production, Portfolio

IntroductionExplore the role and significance of advertising and commercial photography in marketing and promotion. Understand the impact of visual imagery in creating brand identity and communicating messages.
Concept DevelopmentDive into the process of conceptualizing and planning advertising and commercial photography campaigns. Explore techniques for translating ideas into visual narratives that align with brand messaging.
Product/BrandUnderstand the specific requirements of product and brand photography for advertising purposes. Learn how to showcase products and convey brand identity through visual storytelling.
LightingMaster advanced lighting techniques for creating visually striking and impactful advertising images. Explore the use of creative lighting setups to enhance the mood and message of the campaign.
Post-ProductionIntroduction to advanced post-production techniques for refining and enhancing advertising images. Explore retouching, color grading, and other post-processing methods for commercial photography.
PortfolioGuidance on creating a professional portfolio showcasing skills and creativity in advertising photography. Receive feedback on portfolio presentation and refinement.