• Visual Communication
    Imagine you are going for a long ride and with the aid of maps, routes,
    and landmarks, you just reached your destination correctly.

Visual Communication Course:

Welcome to Visualite Academy

Imagine you are going for a long ride and with the aid of maps, routes, and landmarks, you just reached your destination correctly. Do you agree with me that the maps, routes, etc are communicated to you visually? And yes, this is one form of Visual communication. To explore more about the visual communication field, come and join in our course on visual communication. Visualite Academy offers a course on visual communication to kick-start your career in the visual communication industry and to help make your visual work an aesthetic one. The course ensures you a strong foundation on basic photography, drawing, graphic design, editing, etc and that gives a complete information about the course.
With more hands-on experience, you will be learning the practical challenges in the field and how to find out a solution swiftly. Our teachers will impart you the necessary advanced technical skills and knowledge and will make sure you understand the concepts perfectly. They will also teach you the fine techniques of adding creativity whenever necessary, because that is what really matters in this industry.

Our tutors are top professionals in the media, advertising and film industry and at the same time they are very friendly and approachable. Thus, we want our students to pass out the academy with all the vital skills and expertise in visual communication and to work in great projects.
If you are wishing to learn the visual communication course solely, then you are in the right place. We offer one-to- one coaching program where we train our students individually according to his/her wants. By giving extra-attention and working on the weak points, we will build them with the most needed skills and knowledge. So, if you cannot fit into any regular timing, you can join this program and adjust the course’s timing based on your availability.

  1. About the course duration and timings, we offer the Visual communication course in two formats.
  2. 1) 1-Year course for weekday classes (Monday to Friday). Class timing will be 2 hours a day.
  3. 2) 2-Year course for weekend classes (Saturday and Sunday). Class timing will be 2 hours a day.

Students are requested to choose any one batch of the above two formats according to the needs.

Visualite Academy welcomes the working group people who are curious and excited to learn the visual communication course. We provide the same course on short-term, part-time, and full-time basis, where people can choose either one of them and start studying the course at their own pace.

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