How to become a Cinematographer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, india

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How to become a cinematographer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India?

A fantasy-driven lucrative career in the film industry is the cinematography. In India, becoming a professional cinematographer is achievable at the same time it is highly-competitive. In terms of movie release, Indian cinema is huge when compared to other countries. This is great news for young aspiring cinematographers; the opportunities are ever-growing not only in India but also in the world.

Today let me share with you the crucial elements that every future cinematographer should know before entering into the industry. Here you will be seeing the ways and means of how to become a cinematographer, qualifications, work culture, alternate career opportunities, and many more.

Who is a cinematographer?

A person who creates and develops a script into a scene is called as a cinematographer. The cinematographer is also known as the Director of Photography (DP). He is in the driving seat, leading the crew of professionals, instructing them to adjust camera movements, angles, exposure settings, lighting, reflection, etc. He/she brings us the story visually and makes us feel the movie’s reel life.

They will design the script with their creativity and imaginations and make sure that the director’s expectations are uncompromised.

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How to be educationally qualified?

Like every profession, cinematography also has its own educational qualifications. After schooling, one should have completed either a degree or a diploma course in cinematography. Some institutions in India offer a 2-3 Years graduate and Post graduate degree in Filmmaking and Cinematography, whereas the other institutions provide 6-month – 1-year diploma course. In today’s situation, any degree or diploma related to cinematography is acceptable.

People from other backgrounds, like photojournalism and photography, are also becoming as popular cinematographers. In real life, the present Director and former Cinematographer, Mr. K.V. Anand had initially started his career as a photojournalist, later he changed his career to cinematography.

How to start?

Every cinematographer was once a photographer.

It is not surprising that one to get into cinematography, one should learn photography. Photography gives you a strong foundation on cinematography. It widens your approach, perception and knowledge. You will see everything as a picture which is trying to convey you a story. Photography is not only for creating memories, but also for telling stories.

Working Conditions:

Camera Operator – He/she is the person who operates camera as per the instructions given by Cinematographer. Sometimes, cinematographer will also take the lead and operate the camera on his own.

First Camera Assistant – He/she is also known as 1 AC. They are responsible of keeping the camera on focus of the subject. They arrange camera equipments together and dismantle them after the job is finished.

Second Camera Assistant – He/she is also known as 2 AC. They are responsible for loading the clapper board at the start of each take and load the film stock onto the camera. They will supervise the equipment and transport the same.

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