Ad Filmmaking

Advertisement filmmaking course in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Chennai’s Visualite Film Institute is offering a course in advertisement filmmaking for all those who have always been interested to know more about the world of advertising and its visuals. Advertising filmmaking course is designed for both weekday and weekend as regular and online session. so that those who are busy on the weekdays can take the classes on weekends. This course will definitely give the students a  good insight into the cinematography aspect of advertisement filmmaking and will serve as a stepping stone into the advertising industry.

Right from buying our cooking oil up to buying something as expensive as a laptop, all our purchasing decisions are influenced by advertisements. Advertisements are plenty in number and are presented to us in numerous ways. While some are overt where we realise that we are watching an advertisement, others are more subtle in their messaging. The brand subconsciously gets into our mind because of the way of messaging. Advertisement Filmmakers have to be extremely creative because, what feature filmmakers and television show makers do over a few hours/ few episodes, an advertisement filmmaker has to do within a span of few minutes. He/she needs to convey a message effectively within that short screen time that each advertisement gets.

Ad filmmaking is a lucrative business. A lot of filmmakers who are into mainstream cinema also get into the business of ad filmmaking due to the creative space it offers and the fact that it is comparatively quick money. A lot of budding filmmakers can make their entry into the film industry through ad films. Chennai’s Visualite Film Institute offers ad filmmaking online courses for students across the world. Be it a student living in France or a student from Tibet, they can all attend classes together through our online session. The mode of instruction will be English. The course is open to all without any restrictions based on age, educational qualification and prior work experience.