Film Acting course chennai | Best Acting School in chennai | Acting Classes in Chennai | Acting Courses in chennai

acting courses in chennai, acting classes in chennai

Film Acting | Best Acting School in chennai | Acting Classes in Chennai | Acting Courses in chennai

Light, Camera, Action… then begins Acting. In this entertainment-crazy era, acting has become the most aspiring, challenging yet fascinating professions of the world, where everyone wants to act in a project once in a lifetime.

If you are looking for a well-established academy to learn acting, where the tutor can teach you how to barely react to the camera and just seemed to be in the world of a specific character? Then you just spotted the right place.  Contact Visualite Academy : 9025 400 400, 93608 22211

Visualite offers certificate course in Acting for 3 Months| 6Months | 1 Year

for More Details Call Visualite Academy: 9025 400 400, 93608 22211, 93609 22211

What is acting?

Acting is not just a work, it is a process of learning, experimenting and reproducing to the audience.

An actor or actress is a person who adopts a character in any visual medium like in theatre, television, film, radio and so on. Whether it is a drama or a documentary film, an actor is supposed to perform the given role in an attractive manner and make the audience mesmerize.

A professional actor should be naturally good at stage, voice, and expressions; should understand the character’s personality and its behavior; finally, the confidence, energy, and enthusiasm to perform in front of the world. Attaining mastery in all above traits is not a one-night thing. It requires a long-term dream, indestructible passion, commitment and finally hard work.

Why acting school is important?

Acting is an art, evolved through the years and become an aspiring profession. To enter into this lucrative field, one should need certain capabilities and passion. To nurture your passion and skills, an academic qualification from an institute/school/academy is a must. Here, you can connect with people who have many commons. You can build a strong foundation in acting and its related fields. You can create a bonding with top professionals and experienced faculties. Finally, you can get opportunities in a movie project or a Television show while learning the course.

Visualite Academy strives to bring you the best-standard training in Acting. With the newly updated state-of-the-art syllabus, we teach you the latest nuances and techniques in acting and make sure you experience all forms of acting. After setting a benchmark in Photography industry, Visualite has successfully entered into the Acting and Filmmaking industry, with its top faculties and cutting-edge gadgets, it spreads its wings wider than before.

We have two branches in Chennai, namely, Anna Nagar and Adyar. We take classes on a regular basis on either weekdays or weekends, and we advise our students to pick any one of the batches in short-term/long-term/part-time/full-time basis, according to their convenience.

Best Faculties:

We have a team of highly-qualified professionals as tutors, having wide experience in photography, media, and filmmaking industry. For Acting, we bring you a well-experienced professional, Mr. TKM Anbudurai. He is a full-time actor, acted in Movies, Ad films, Short films, Mega serials, and he has also attended seminars/certificate courses on skill building. With a proven experience of 15 years in the acting industry, he is well-known for his creativity and enthusiasm. He has also undergone a certificate course in Film Acting, at MGR Film and Television Institute of Tamil Nadu, Chennai and many more.

Our tutors are super-friendly and approachable. Their method of teaching students is one-of-a-kind. They train them professionally and make them understand the concepts at their pace.

Best Training:

Nothing in acting is steady or permanent. It’s constantly in a state of flux, and we wanted to bring the most contemporary trends to our students in a time-lapse. To explore the latest acting methods, we bring them 100+ hands-on sessions, well-structured workshops, and guest lectures by industry experts.

Our pedagogical style emphasis on student’s exposure to practical challenges and its solving techniques, thus we ensure our students are undergoing all forms of acting like on-stage, TV shows, short films, etc. The industry experts will share their real-time experiences and interesting anecdotes to students and discuss the current fashion trends.

Best Atmosphere:

To practice acting, one should have a calm environment with no disturbing noises at the same time free space to move. Visualite Academy gives exactly the same ambiance to students. We are located in a peace-loving environment, surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, where anybody could stimulate their creative thoughts and ideas.

Our studio is highly sophisticated with high-tech amenities and tools. We can accommodate 100 students at a time and conduct various training programs. Our outdoor spot is more admirable for a crew to work. They can freely shoot and experiment with whatever they want. Since its located at heart of the city, connected with metro-trains and buses, it is highly accessible to all students in and around Chennai.

Flexible Timing:

The most important aspect of a course is its timing. Visualite Academy is well-recognized for its flexibility. Our class timings are student-centric and customizable. Our courses are tailor-made where students can alter their course duration and timings at their convenience. We take classes on both weekdays and weekends in short-term/long-term/part-time/full-time basis.

We’re proud of our student’s alumni, having not only school and college students, but also IPS officers, doctors, engineers, CAs, IT professionals and so on. They acquired that necessary technical knowledge and expertise in our course and kick-started their hobbies as they desired.

Private one-to-one coaching:

For students who love learning solo and independently, we offer them a private one-to-one coaching program. In this program, we give students individual attention, instructions, and feedback. We teach them the crucial acting techniques and methods exclusively and help them improve during practical classes. This boosts their confidence and ability to face the crowd. Our teachers will make them comfortable and understand their level of learning; accordingly, they change their course of action and help them understand the given role plays. Through many practice sessions, they will groom them into a perfect artist with full zeal along with necessary business traits and job-ready skills.

for More Details Call Visualite Academy: 9025 400 400, 93608 22211, 93609 22211

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